She was just laying in my bed, and started crying. After about 30 seconds of crying, she got up, and ran out of the room. She proceeded to grab the rubber duck, run back in my room, jump back up on my bed and curl up with the duck in her mouth. She then set it down between her paws. She is now fast asleep.

Apparently my pup really likes rubber ducks. 

And I’m roughly 9 hours away

awful mother

my puppy’s turning two and i’m not there for her.

Completely submerged herself. Panicked, obviously, so I lifted her out, and she wouldn’t put weight on one of her paws. There was also blood involved, though I could not find where it was coming from. That’s what she gets for running full tilt around the pool area while we swim. Should’ve bought one of those “Walk, don’t run!” signs they always have at pool areas. Cause retards, aka Holly, slip and fall in.